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This is the most important stage to get things right. Every other service we offer will be influenced by good or bad decisions made at the acquisition stage. We aim to help our clients make decisions which serve their interests in both the short term and longer term. The widely supported 2007 Lease Code serves to protect the tenants interests throughout the acquisition process.

Break Options

For as long as upward only rent reviews exist break options can offer a convenient escape route. There are of course many other reasons why a tenant may choose to terminate when the opportunity presents itself. Break options need to be handled very carefully as there are instances where landlords can defeat the tenants right to successfully terminate the lease. Early advice is essential.

Contract Administration

When embarking upon building works whether for initial fit out, subsequent alterations or end of term dilapidations and reinstatement we can guide you through this process. Regardless of whether this is procured through design & build or more traditional methods it is essential that control is maintained over costs, timing and quality of workmanship.


The commitment towards repair and reinstatement at the end of a lease is something often under-estimtated when the premises are acquired. Where we have the opportunity to prevent a client from entering into future commitments that are unfair or unduly onerous we will do so. Where called upon to advise on existing dilapidation commitments we will do our utmost to mitigate the liability.


Surplus property is an unwelcome burden to any business representing a drain on both financial and management resources. Empty rates has only worsened the situation. We will actively explore all opportunities to curtail the burden whether through subletting, assignment, break options or a surrender transaction with the landlord. We will work with you to manage the entire exit strategy on the most cost effective terms.

Lease Expiry

This poses the question of whether to renew the lease or relocate for whatever reason. You may of course not have the choice or acceptable terms may not be offered. Some tenants hold security of tenure (through ‘protected leases’) whilst others do not (through ‘contracted out leases’). That can make a big difference to the negotiating position at the end of the lease. The rest is down to market conditions and negotiating skill.


Rating valuation and the billing of business rates are mysterious subjects with rules and regulations far removed from the real world. After rent business rates generally constitute the next highest property overhead of a recurring nature. We have considerable experience in representing ratepayers in successfully challenging their rateable value and rates bills in order to mitigate their liability.

Rent Review

Most commercially minded landlords will constantly look for ways to maximise their rental income. That will generally be one of their fundamental business objectives and they will employ specialist advice in pursuit of this. We will vigorously challenge any such intention through our wide market knowledge and experience in conducting such negotiations.

Service Charge

Service Charge provisions are often perceived as a blank cheque for the landlord to spend money for the benefit of its own building. In reality they peform a useful function in delivering essential services but the interests of both landlord and tenant need to be kept in balance. The RICS has recognised this through the publication of the Service Charge Code. In acquiring property we will endeavour to protect our clients interest throughout the duration of the lease. When called upon to advise on existing situations we will ensure that the landlords charges do not extend beyond those permitted by the lease.